HealthyMedia, HealthyMe and FindaDerm are a part of YBS, based in Houston, Texas. with offices in Miami,FL,  San Francisco, CA, Denver, CO and Chicago, IL.  We are a group dedicated to improving access to qualified healthy living professionals and the best products & services to support our aging population.   The company was founded by a team of experienced business, healthcare executives and physicians with a keen interest in driving the healthy living industry to its next evolution.  We support a range of different market sectors, with a focus on enabling the small to midsize healthcare providers, day spas, medical spas, dentists, chiropractors and related businesses to achieve optimum growth and maximum success.

Our Team

Clint Brinkley, CTO

Valerie Merrill, COO

Emily Andros, CMO

E. Emmet Brady, CSM and Media Director

Dr. Adrian de la Torre, Chief Medical Officer